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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cree led
It's a bad anodized, in the circle is not the reflect of the light. It's the part that didn't anodized properly and it is conductive. The store didn't say anything about HA just aluminium alloy so it's easy to be scratched. Short press ON long press Off. The light has 2 groups. Group1 High Low strobe Group2 stepless mode to change between group double click while turn on. There's led in the switch and the rubber can glow in the dark.
I am not sure if the flashlight is actually 3500lm. I have another one with three XML-T6 at 2000lm and they are both same brightness. Nice quality. The strap is a bit larger than normal. In HI mode it gets really hot after 5 minutes. The photo I attach is a completely dark corridor around 30 meters (100 feet) in reality the flashlight is brighter than it looks in the photo. It shines around 200 meters outside not in complete darkness. I am sure in complete darkness it will be much better. It does not zoom in or out. It can be used with one, two, or three 18650 batteries. One will last very little but the flashlight will be less heavy.
Received goods in a good condition. It is a gift to a friend of mine, therefore I have no exact idea of the good. However, it looked good and functioned nicely.
A very good headlamp, the best you can find in this price. Nitecore is a high quality brand, I bought several products from them and they are all very good. I recommend 10+ !!!
Lighting level excellent for such a small volume.\nIt\'s very strong and very compact. You can put it in a coat pocket, always with you.\nThe belt clip / bag is handy to make the look too long in a coat pocket. with the all-metal design and a very satisfied price is really a good product.\nI use it regularly because it\'s pocketable.\nIt is still a quality lamp for its price and it shines very well for its size.\nClean cut threads, very good anodization.\nBy the way, the connection of the clip is particularly well thought-out: You can attach it either in a classic way to clamp the lamp to your trouser pocket or the other way round.\nClamping on the screen of a baseball cap - almost as a headlamp! She also controls the tailstand.