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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for csc
emm weight is accurate.. delivery is not the fastest but its oK.. the seller is very2 attentive and cooperative.. communication was tip top.. highly recommended.. I ll comment about the hubs later
Absolutely beautiful wheelset. It’s unbelievably light for a 60mm. I actually thought there might have been a wheel missing from inside the box because it was so light. The wheelset was professionally packaged in a large EMS box, and each wheel was individually wrapped. Inside the box there was also a bag with carbon brake pads, extra spokes, quick release skewers and rim tape. I ordered my set with the Novatec R13 ceramic hub, which sounds amazing. If you’re still hesitant about buying about a carbon fiber wheelset from China, well, don’t be.
Wheels arrived into the UK within a few days of shipping, UK customs very slow though. About 15 days door to door total. Wheels look great - virtually no runout and even spoke tension. 23x50mm F691g R836g 1527g total. Quality rim strips 18g each. Supplied pads needed a trim to fit. Stickers by READU on here. Yet to try as waiting for tyres and tubes. Really pleased so far.
Well packed. Everything according to the description. I have not tried the wheels yet but I will return after I have tried them. They look smashing and the sellers communication was excellent! They also added the stickers with their logo on the rims which I ordered separately. :-) The weight of the pair is less the 1500g according to my scale.