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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for curly loose
It's a really great hair I made a lace closure wig out of it and everybody loves it. It sheds a little but I can live with that. The hair is really soft too. The lengths I got aren't thin either. Overall a great buy.
Very satisfied. The bundles were very full, the hair was soft with some shedding but very minimal. Did a full head sew in and still had hair left. Will definitely buy again. Great for the price.
WOW. this wig is NOT worth €35. It's worth €500!!! The qyality is SO nice! It has soft lace, a big wig cap and such a natural hairline! It didn't even need plucking. The color is white-blonde ish and looks super nice!! I definetly looove this wig!! Totally worth it. It also arrived in like 2 weeks, which is crazy fast!!!