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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dash charger
Received the cam in excellent packing condition. Checked the device, its working fine. Setting up dash cam using YI dashcam app pretty simple, it just took 1 minute to setup. Video quality is good, not yet checked real time on road.
great seller quick delivery within a week and the Dash charger works perfectly. compared it with an original one I don't see any differences not in looks and not in performance
Good product.Does everything as described.Nice display resolution.Only down point is the back camera resolution but the front camera ,satnav and access to Play Store makes you forget about the down side. Recommended already to my friends.
Considering it's price and very fast delivery time, it needs to be 5* Full of features, trouble free usage and handling, sensitive GPS and even noise free FM modulator (very rare!). Now drawbacks: Cameras are of low sensitivity and battery could be better. Overall I'm really satisfied but there are fields for improvement :)
Very good quality - screen is really big, mirror itself also is bigger than regular ones, so if you want it for a small city car - better check the size. Wifi works fine, quality of night recordings is lower than daytime but still very nice. I'm suprised by the back camera - it is really good. Made recordings on the same spot to compare with the front one and it is not bad at all. Quick delivery from spain (bank holiday delayed by one day but that was obvious). The sound is good also, phone mic is rather weak as my friend said that he can hear lots of background noise, maybe the placement was the case. Packaging is very nice, Polish menu translated very well, even the voice notifications are translated - not often you can hear that. Overall - great product from a great store.