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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dc supply
Powersupply is working o.k. , we test them. The extra cable (red/black) is only a toy, not usefull! One of the teminals (black) was to small in way-in diameter, Ø3,8 instead of Ø4 but not by the drilling- process, the problem comes by the galvanice process, we reworked the hole then o.k. All in all we are very satisfied with the product.
The Gophert CPS power Supplies perform beautifully and have proven to be reliable in service. The service, communications and packaging from Beijing Ever Good Electronic Co., Ltd is excellent. Well done.
The shipping was fast, less than two week. This device is work correct. But I did not understand the different between displayed voltage on device and measured voltage at load. I checked the cable... it was terrible. I hope the device and the cable are made by difference factory. I checked the device too. The european life protection rules are stricter.