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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for degree camera
It's so good camera!!! Very solid and pretty heavy comparing to Yi first gen. I'm so excited to buy one of this work of art. I can recomend to buy here because of reasonableprice and good service. Thank you! for other customers boys and girls, try to look on price few times per day, you'll be very happy to find out
A good product with a few quirks. First of all, the camera is good but nowhere near the claimed 170 degrees. I had a similar number plate camera before and I think they are identical. This one feel a bit wider but it might be because I angled it down more so the curved sides are more prominent. The main feature here are the parking sensors and they work good. However, you have to send the camera signal through the sensors' control box and that adds a layer of pixelation to the picture. Especially the overlay with the distance to objects is quite fuzzy. I have yet to install the buzzer, I tried it and it works but since I have never used a car with parking sensors before I am afraid that I would rely to much on the sounds and not look at the image. I have a Volkswagen Tiguan MY 2010 and I had to angle the sensors down quite a lot for it to not catch my trunk as an object. I have only tried it a few minutes but now that they are angled down things are running smooth.