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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for device sony
I recently received the USB power supply. The workmanship is above average. The quality of the cable is also higher than expected. It is very positive that a fuse is built into the cable. The packaging looks very high-quality. I do not have the possibility to check the given values. However, I measured power consumption at idle and under load. The results can be seen on the pictures. Under load I measured with a Xiaomi Note 4 which showed me approx. 800 mA charge current at 80% charge. However, this measurement result says nothing about the actual current output. But it is an acceptable result. All in all, I am very happy with the device. If you are still looking for a USB power supply I can definitely recommend it.
Works very well and has a larger and stronger magnetic charging field than most of the chargers you buy off of the shelf here in the US at a better price. Use a 2.1A or larger charger for best results.