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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dhd
Excellent. Just a little difficult to use at home because it's to fast. I have just two cons, like all the other drones the battery runs out very fast, but it's normal! The other is the place were need to connect the battery. It's very difficult to put and take out the battery. I'm afraid the point of connection gona brake.
Charging cable is long enough, ordinary cars are enough to install, the camera shooting quality is very good, logistics and transportation speed is fast, everything is coming, I wish you a nice day, I recommend it and leave 5+
Excellent for the price. Bought it to practice flying before buying a more expensive drone, and l had a lot of fun with it so far. It's very small and lightweight so it's easy to carry and harder to damage the propellers if you crash. However, it also makes the drone very sensitive to winds. Try to fly it when there is no wind. I got around 5 minutes flight time constantly moving it forwards and recording video.