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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dhs tennis racket free shipping
Packaging was really minimal (just an envelope), but the product arrived in excellent conditions. Delivery is fast and all the specification of the blade were exactly as asked for. So, I am very satisfied
It usually takes at least 35 days to 50 days for a product to be delivered here in lebanon.. This item took 18 days only.. This is very fast!!! I like this product.. I recommend this seller
I bought this blade and assembled C-7 pimples and Skyline TG2 on the other side. Initially I was surprised that the blade is so light, as this was my first time of assembling the racket. After the rubbers were assembled, the weight became quite big, but it was nicely balanced through the racket. My co-workers and I were quite impressed: the guy who won me easily before (11:1, 11:2, 11:3, etc) was today quite angry. Despite I lost him 11:9 today (with 9:9 in the middle and his last 2 points won on the crazy spin services), I believe with some practice of twiddling racket sides and remembering which side is what kind of rubber, I have good chances. The other guys just lost their games with me today.