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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for digital milligram scale
Positive: After calibrating the scale with the calibration weight (included in delivery), one can start weighing. I did more than 50 different weights. After weighing the scala always comes back to 0.000g. Than I put the calibration weight on for Checking -> exactly 50.000g => OK!! Minor negative: When weighing a powder and pouring very small amounts to achieve the exact target weight to 0.001g precise , sometimes the scale jumps with 0.002g or 0.003g. Butt when you take off the small pan with the powder and put it back on it will always show the same weight with a differentiation of max 0.001g. Conclusion: This scale works very well. Cheap price. I certainly would recommend it to a friend.
comes tightly packed with EVA foam and all accessories. it can be used directly with the cable provided. no batteries needed. the touchscreen is very responsive. the scale itself feels a bit light, or empty. but works great. the transparent plastic cover clips a bit hard making the whole scale shake when I close it. i'm probably going to sand down the clips/tabs so that is just opens and close freely. nice product for that price. when I go back to university in September i'll try to compare it's accuracy with lab grade scales costing 1000$. if I don't forget I'll come back with the results.
This is a true parallel beam strain gauge scale. The weighing platform is rather flexible but at the low range the scale is designed for, it's no problem. It rather acts as an overload protection. I'm impressed of how much precision and accuracy is possible at that low price! Included in the package is a protective pouch, a pair of tweezers ("el-cheapo", nothing to phone home about...), a fairly accurate 10g calibrating weight and a small, stainless steel weighing dish (for weighing liquids/powders/granular goods). Highly recommendable.
product more desirable than depicted from vendors site. Very satisfied with accuracy of scale to 1 mg (.001g). portable and battery operated. can be recalibrated for accuracy, has bubble level to obtain best accuracy. Only issue was freight was a bit high, but product arrive within 3 weeks that is very good from China to USA. , Overall a good value.