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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for digital player
Probably the best seller on AliEx! Good item qvality and price . The best shipping coast and time. Delivered in Estonia just during the 1 week! Thank you very much and good luck!
I bought the DAC for my TV. The DAC doesn't work however on my Panasonic UHDTV. The seller tried to help me very good, but it still doesn't work. When i tried it on my computer the DACS works fine. So the problem is in the digital out from my PC c.q. in the combination TV and DAC
Great. Bluetooth fast. in 12v 2.5A speakers: 2 x 10w 8ohms (in series) + 1x20w 4ohms (subwoofer). zero noise. all working perfectly. excellent seller very attentive, shipping to Brazil less than 30 calendar days in Aliexpress Standart.