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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for direct wifi
Great price + Fast shipment + Good Quality = Happy customer. My order from the Far East arrived to the far West took 14 days on the calendar. RECOMMENDED A+ Thank You
Very long time to received the goods. The only thing you can do remotely is open the door, that is all, you can setup nothing remotely, you can not delete a losen tag, you can no add a tag, etc. Wifi, yes, but just for open the door.
The internal antenna is made of fiberglass printed circuit board, ok. The antenna is kept away from the reflecting plane by a sponge double-sided adhesive tape, ko. The cable, is a RG58 ?? I recommend a valid RG142, there is an improvement of the transmitted signal.
Nice litle antenna. I use it for my bluetooth audio reciever. The antenna that comes with the reciever is small and has litle recieption. This antenna helps to get a good range.