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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for display vr
You are a fast delivery seller. However, it takes a while to prepare. The quality is excellent. And, most importantly ... " FYSETC Official Store " and " FYSETC 1 th Store " are the same sellers. I think we can order anything at a low price. There's an absurd case where we spend together.
Wonderful colors display, everything is working perfectly, although I had to play with settings for a while (e.g. took me a while to figure out how to rotate the screen, think I changed it from portrait to landscape mode or otherwise, somewhere in windows 7 settings). Overall it is working great, just a construction is a bit fragile - all these flex cables and boards... Better to invent some custom DIY case for all these things, to avoid the possible damage
Got device but with not all what should be included 1 x Helmet Clip 1 x Leather Bag 1 x Fixed Belt Was not in package and Sucker Installation Seat and Car Charger looks like it used!