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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dlna receiver
Works well with Spotify. It is a bit slow with AirPlay but it works too. I haven't tried with BT. On both (Spotify & AirPlay) the sound is a bit compressed giving me a narrow soundstage. Overall good enough for casual listening. I noticed that it accesses some IP's / sites frequently: (google), (unknown - suspicious), (Baidu) and So I decided to put it in a separate isolated network for security reasons.
The speaker delivers a nice bassy sound, but if you don't fancy bass as much you can always move it further away from the wall. It's extremely loud for its small size. I've listened to JBL Authentics L8 and L16 and given these cost several times more, the sound quality is actually comparable. It easily fills my living room/dining room/kitchen at 50% volume. I will get at least one more in some time and connect them in a stereo configuration. They are that good!