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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for drive 360
Very happy, I fixed both mine and my sisters Xbox360. I broke my dvd drive by reverse connecting the powercable and thought replacing the pcb would fix it, in the end it turned out I burned the PowerTransistor and laser diode, my sisters xbox was originaly be a donor for my xbox, but ow well, it ended up working fine after replacing the laser (it had isues reading, changing the resistor pot kinda worked but not for long or reliable) So, 2 new cheap lasers and I have 2 great working 360's again :D now my sis can enjoy 360 games aswell. Did I mention the price, fast shipping and awesome seller? Go buy from this seller, its send inside a white box, trown into the famous yellow envelopes and if you need, ask for the antistatic solderblob be removed for even faster replacing :D
Excellent seller !! Very fast delivery !!! Ordered: 10 June 2018 & Received: 17 July 2018 I'm very satisfied. Just like pictures and great product !! I gave 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Many thanks !! :-)
Real Super Seller !!! Professional transaction! Goods fully compliant with the description of the offer, carefully packed! The parcel arrived to me after 4 weeks. I heartily recommend transactions with this seller !!!
Very nice. The problem is the USB charger, never charged the batteries. I opened to check and I saw that was burned. I need to find another option to charge my batteries. :-(