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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dsd bluetooth
im so inlove with this tiny DAP.. now, i dont have to bring out my phone when Im in travel bcoz this lil prayer fits my pocket. im pretty impressed with the sound. i also love to connect to spotify to listen to music.i also love this SLEEP plus feature since i enjoy listening to music before going to bed.i dont worry anymore to turn it off before falling asleep.
A good seller! There was a problem with the firmware update, but thanks to the seller I was able to repair it soon. If there is opportunity, I would like to shop again at this seller.(^w^)
This is just a quick overview and review of the black version of the Shanling M0 This was tested with Firmware 2.0 and I easily updated it from the factory 1.5 firmware. This is a gesture based DAP and the dial on the left is volume and it pushes in to lock and unlock the player. It comes with a nice braided USB to type c cable which I didn't photograph as the limit it only 5 pictures. The only exterior buttons are the 3.5mm port, type c input and the volume dial which pushes in The bluetooth is Ldac and AptX compatible and but I only tested it with SBC setting as I don't own any ldac or aptx devices unfortunately. The range is good and I was 10-15 metres away without any drop outs. The menus are gesture based are really simple to use and basically if you swipe left it takes you back and if you swipe right it takes you further into folders or extra menus and to pause or change track you click directly on it and it helps if you have smaller fingers!
Thanks to the seller for a nice price! The item was packed well. M0 is well-built, with easy-to-use UI, 24-96 Playback is flawless, sound is good too. The only downside is that M0 doesn't respond to headphones' control buttons. It is impossible to pause a song, or change volume.
Unbelievable fast, arrived after 8 days in the Netherlands! The music player is beautiful (you can find detailed reviews on the internet, e.g. Shop with confidence, this is a top seller, AAA.