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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dsd hifi
The D10 is high quality USB DAC , alu enclosure, gold plated high-end pcb, the perfect soldered components are original high grade quality which makes this dac to sound very warm and natural . fast shipping, so I can say that the quality vs price is 10 : 1 and recommended 1000%
good build quality, looks and feels very sturdy. like it! the sound is quite good, it makes sound a bit exciting! only thing I can mention is the pop-noise between tracks. Hope this can be solved through following firmware updates. Anyway, Where can I find the firmware update information?
The item arrived exactly as described. The seller was relatively slow at replying (around 1 reply only, per day). After waiting 3 weeks, the courier had lost my shipment. I waited another 3 weeks for any news, but no luck. The seller asked the company to ship me another one, and it arrived after 2.5 weeks, thankfully. The DAC is great, the soundstage is very wide and quite echo-y. The bass is NOT punchy nor tight, and not overpowered, I'd say it's 4/10, 10 being extremely strong bass. If the bass switch is turned on, bass increases but still not very punchy. The mids and highs are exceptionally balanced. I used the international Samsung NOTE 8 via USB, with Bluedio UFO and Victory headsets, on high gain. I believe it would sound PERFECTLY with the NOTE 5 than the NOTE 8, as the NOTE 8 sound is trash.
Small, portable, simple. Good, cleand and bassy sound for 20$. Warm (from Kz to TFZ). Works nice with Aac256 and Mp3. Amps too much the most common headphones (Strong line out). The locker button should stop volume too. Tks, Seller. Honest product and store.
there was a very fast, great satisfaction, everything as mentioned, great accessories, intuitive control. Little pity that even in the original packaging I found two scratches on the body but it is just a cosmetic defect. I appreciate it as a great deal and thank you.