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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dsd player
Very extremely fast shipment and product is in great condition. Leather case received as noted. Total noob on the subject of HiFi, but I already enjoy learning everything about this product and everything it comes with. This High-End DAP is completely worth the investment, especially for those who look at bang for buck!
Arrived in australia in less than a week. So far i have downloaded all my tidal music and i am very happy with the sound.i haven't used the pure music side yet.wifi and bluetooth seem to work well. i also love the size of this dap it is not to big considering 64gb and 3100mah battery. build quality is also very high and this dap gives a lot of bang for the buck when you compare it to other brands. its early days yet [less than 24 hours] so i can't comment on reliability but so far i really like this dap and i would recommend it and the great service of this seller
Just received! Do what he says and he does it well! Autonomy with bluetooth use (50% transmission hours / 50% on reception), 8-10 hours. It looks quite delicate, but it is also very light, in case of accidental fall it should cause less damage. Let's say that it appears not very robust.
great sound if you have a good source (DSD or FLAC 24/192) and a good headphone :) The car mode is a plus, turning off the device when you turn off the car, when plugged to 5v USB of the car. Pity it can't read any DSD through HD bluetooth. (all dsd files appear then as "unknown format" although it reads them fine through headphones) I'll use the line out instead... ;) Very happy with the player! Maybe future firmware updates will allow 512gb TF cards...