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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dsd portable
Very high quality DAC/HP-amp, definitely ds burn-in me, after a few hours playtime connecting to Line-output it is starting to sound transparent and showsti lots of details. Will report back in a week for SQ line stage, and a week later for HP-amp stage (including DAC-stage).nee Good communication with seller, very fast shipment too! Have to ask for replacement Micro-Usb cable since one connector is not locking (see pictures)
Extremely great sound quality, good composition with Fiio F9 pro. Still can't get used for this model. Beware that android functions is really weak so u may not want to use it constantly and operate deliberately instead. (This interface is very uncomfortable for me. Android got lagged if I try to browse internet, hardware is weak to sustain well most android functions. So may be it can be usable for searching and download music. Then it on or in sleep mode (display turned off), it always light on and discarge the battery that idle about a day (or 12 hours). Hoot time of this device about 20 seconds, that is really slow for music player). So i think most of function in this device and seems to be on most devices like so not optimised for comfortable use.