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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dsd64
Don't forget to install the drivers from the topping website. Bit of a fiddle to make it work with foobar2000 but everything is in the online manual. Sound is perfect ofc. Shipped fast and well packaged with $20 label. Thanks!
Very good sound. It worked normally by selecting Hifiberry DAC or Hifiberry Digi+ Pro with Volumio or Moode Audio. It is also good to adjust the volume by connecting a variable resistor.
Expertly packaged, arrived in excellent condition and sooner than expected, all around stellar service. The DAC itself, it exceded my expectations, a lot of sound for a modest price, get the Topping A30 and you'll be set for a while.
The dac does a good job. It provides my NAD C352 with a clean signal (no audiable noise), even when hooked up straight to a power amp. It does however not replace a pre-amplifier in my case as it lacks a bit of body and dynamics, but it still a clear sound.
Very very clear sound. I am using this product with Volumio. The setting is simple, only selecting Hibiberry DAC and resampling with 24 bits or more. It is perfect with clear and powerful sound. However, the volume is a bit low.