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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dsrl cameras
The size of this lamp is very exquisite and exquisite, with a very cool package, not only suitable for this kind of lighting of the scene, suitable for travel, plus other accessories. This is a high quality light, it is very soft to use in pictures and video, the skin looks very beautiful, very suitable for fashion shooting and some product photography, you only need to pay attention to the balance of color temperature adjustment, if it is video, please make sure Before shooting, please adjust the color temperature balance correctly, you can steplessly adjust the light, take pictures more natural. Overall, at this price, you can hardly find a good ring light like this, believe me, this is not my first product, I have a tripod, I use it very well, they make products and very good The price is also affordable.
I needed lighting to enhance my videos so I bought this. I like how you can warm the lights and dim. In addition, they can be operated by battery power. Can't wait to see how they affect my photography work.