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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dts audio player
This product is what I have been looking for a long time. Some of the similar products I've purchased in the past were explained to support 192KHz, but in fact, their DACS only supported up to 96 KHz. But this product really supports 192khz.
Works as expected, conversts 5.1 signal nicely, sound quality is acceptable, no issues. But device does not "remember" last used input when powered off, so on each startup one must set input manually again.
It could have mentioned that there are no volume controls essentially making the product useless to me personally but otherwise perfectly fine. I hope there is an affordable solution to add volume control to this converter or maybe i can find a converter with vilume control.
The product is very good and does what described! I did not know that when connecting trough optical interface it is not possible to control loudness from device (e.g TV) - possible only from speakers.
The product works as described altough the sound can be late sometimes (fractions of seconds) i could adjust that in the tv settings so mine works fine at the moment, but if you dont have the tool in your tv that might be quite annoying although its barely noticable ( im a freak :). I believe all devices of this type have a little lag so its all good. 5/5