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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for e reader
Very good reader. does not read fb2 format. though for me it is not a problem. Additional light is good but I read with external light. Very easy to navigate. I am happy with purchase
I received it yesterday. Works satisfactorily so far. At this price point of Indian Rupees 3.5k, it was a good bargain indeed. Those who want an experience similar to Kindle Paperwhite will be disappointed. The contrast of the text on screen is not as crisp as that of Kindle. But even then, with enough light, it is easily readable. Quality of rendering of PDF is average for small fonts. Also it is quite annoying to keep scrolling back and forth if the page is zoomed. There is considerable latency in zooming and other actions on the screen. A better processor should have been used by Tolino. The user interface is quite good as far as I could check. I have not brought the device online yet. I have been reading stored books so far. It support of external SD card is a huge plus. You can dump thousands of books into it. If you want good reading experience, then stick to epub formats. That's the best. You can use Calibre application on Linux to convert e-books to epub format.
it works with 2 aa battery. works fine gives roghly accurate info. on this peice point it is good. Cartomizer is outdated. also it limits the size od atomizer it can be used
I'm very happy with the eBook Reader. I have had it for a few weeks now and its great. Although the touchscreen is a bit unresponsive most of the time, I don't mind because I just need the touchscreen to open a book. After that it's the page turn buttons and those are great. It's probably a one-off because I had the Carta2+ model earlier(I lost it) and that one was fine. Still worth 5*
It’s a good ebook reader but a bit slow. The product fits the description and have received the unit without any fault. Using it is easy, add books from computer and start reading, battery life is good. Very good visibility in daylight and does not cause eye strain. Overall good seller and product fits the description. Got it smoothly by india post without any hiccups. Will buy again from this seller. Recommended Seller.