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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ear pod bluetooth
The charger case is convenient to use.It's not big to carry it. Great product. Battery lasts a long time, and the sound quality is good. I wear it during work, and most of the time my coworkers and customers don't even notice it
The earphone quality is good, the buyer send 3 gifts to me,as the picture show. this new modern i7s is better than normal, it have 2 way to charge it,the charge cable and charge box. We will tell my friend to buy from this store
It s very clear quality and taking calls is a breeze. I like to use it while I m sitting at my desk at work since no one can see it in my ear but I can listen to my music all day
A wonderful pair of Earbuds. I took a chance due to the lack of reviews but I am incredibly impressed, they pair easily, last at least three hours and then charge in the case another four times. Very good sound quality, crisp with good bass. Controls are simple and work well, very comfortable with good noise cancelling. Cannot believe they are so cheap!
super cute. they dont fall out like you'd expect for the design... and have grip cases incase. the kids can use 1 earphone each or so on.. no more wires. these are what I've been waiting for someone to design for such a long time. finally!!!.