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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for earhook earphone
I was surprised to arrive very fast. Of the purchases, only one is not kept horizontal. Right of photo Other than that, there is no problem with the product. The part that is applied to the ear is very soft. It is better not to remove the joint part of the headset once it is attached. It breaks well. The root part is easy to insert and remove once it is warmed with a thing like a hot gun I broke about 10 pieces in a year. Multiple purchases result in good results. The dimensions are as shown in the picture. Thank you
I have order 3 piece of 7 mm and 1 piece of 8 mm. I get 3 piece of 7 mm and 1 piece of 10 mm. This big one i do not have where to use :( The whole quality is good.
This headset is really amazing, the sound quality is very high which for me is an essential feature when purchasing headphones. The built in microphone is very convenient. Also they feel comfortable even when jogging or working out at the gym. Finally it is nice looking and the quality feels great. Good purchase.