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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for earrings for women fashion jewelry round clip
Great detail on these hoops, with that extra detail that makes them sparkle. They measure appx 1.25 inches in length. They are hollow - but not the least bit flimsy. The clasps lock snugly. Shipped promptly and packed perfectly. Very pleased. You can tell a lot about a company by how they package their product. Mochai cares - each item in my order was sent in a very heavy millage zip bag, then in an organza bag. Also included was an 'about' card and a sweet gift of some white pearl earrings.
Emerald colour is very good.. Actually the hook of one of the earring was loose.. but with some adjustment its fine.. if the hook was fine would have been happier ..
Came in good time. Sits on ear lob securely all day. Doesn't hurt (I have very sensitive ears). I am pleasantly surprised by this. Only negative: silver colour not very bright. And the shape is a bit masculine.
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