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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ebook reader
Bought Kindle without knowing much about it, turns out you need light to read it just like a book. So I bought this as an alternative to upgrading to Kindle Paperwhite, and so far it’s been very good. My only issue with this light is that is needs AAA batteries instead of charging through a socket, so I will update this review to tell how long batteries will last. But so far its been very good, considering the price and fast shipping. (20 days to Istanbul)
It is gone all perfect! Just as they promised in the website. This is my second product I ordered and it was all correct. I am very glad that I could repair my KoboGlo. The screen was crashed as it happens to fall on the concrete floor, and fortunately AliExpress had such a screen and could sent it as I described Thank You!
The order arrived quite fast. The protective book cover looks exactly like on the pic, fits like a glove to my eBook Sony Reader and good quality. Definetly reccommend the seller and the products!
Great product as advertised. I bought it to use as a writer though and am not quite happy. It is not compatible with Google Docs so can't download Docs from the Play store. I will try to install from APK. It does not seem to have screen rotation. The screen update with A2 activated is very fast, but slower than my typing, so watching the cursor is weired, but I might get used to it. Works well with Bluetooth keyboard and External Keyboard Helper Pro. I was charged 33 Euro on delivery even though shipping was free. Tax?
I'm fully satisfied. Cover is as described. Fits perfectly my Kobo Aura One ereader. Nice navy blue colour, light grey inside, non-slip textured outer. Cover turns Kobo on/off (in sleep mode). When folded, the cover supports the e-reader for hands free reading but a bit tricky to set it right - might be me getting used to it. Order arrived in just under 3 weeks (NZ).