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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ebooks for kindle
Arrived to Prague in 13 days. The product was the same as the description. I am not sure how long the magnet will work and I think that part is prone to wearing off quite quickly but I am still satisfied with the product.
Bought Kindle without knowing much about it, turns out you need light to read it just like a book. So I bought this as an alternative to upgrading to Kindle Paperwhite, and so far it’s been very good. My only issue with this light is that is needs AAA batteries instead of charging through a socket, so I will update this review to tell how long batteries will last. But so far its been very good, considering the price and fast shipping. (20 days to Istanbul)
Received today, looks pretty enough, it has a very strong chemical smell that sticks to your fingers if you touch it. I'm letting it air out a bit before I try it on my kindle.
Sending and delivery is fast, two weeks. Packing is qualitative. I ordered the display ED060SC7 (LF) C1 for the Pocketbook 614. I received ed060sce (LF). Apparently the seller has experience which display is better suited. The book came up as a native ED060SC7 (LF) C1. Firmware for the new display was generated in the service center. There are contacts at the 4PDA forum. The seller is outgoing. I recommend.
Works well, great value for money. Initially I thought the screen was not OK as the image was very grainy. Turned out I needed to do a reset and now it looks good.