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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for echo dot
It appears that this remote is completely the same as the genuine echo remote officially sold by Amazon. The only difference may be the sticker "UNITELAI" attached. But you can remove the sticker. Maybe this "UNITELAI" is the OEM manufacturer, which Amazon orders the production of their Amazon-brand remotes. Moreover, US Amazon does not accept international shipment of their Amazon echo related products. We can buy echo from Japanese amazon, but this remote is not yet released in Japan. I thought of using a forwarder in US that purchases and ship US-only products to another country on behalf of client, but directly buying from this original manufacturer is much better. If you are living outside of USA and want echo remote, I recommend to buy one from this seller.
Pretty good! Does what it's supposed to do. The only thing that bothers me is - there's a USB port - but it's not clear if it's always on or just when the outlet is "on" and if you can use the USB port in parallel with the outlet's regular input. Nothing in the documentation.
The product is nice quality. But i found out, the swiss power plug for the echo dot 2nd is much bigger then foreign power plugs. so it doesn't fit with this wall mount hanger. even i take out the blue rubber.