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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for edifier headset
The shop did really everything to satisfy me, i thank them for that very much very reliabel. Product is perfect, onlangs thing i had were problem with customs in me country, but also there the shop Made al effort thanks very much compliment
Received fairly quickly (3 weeks). a hesitation between the G4 and this one. the style of the G4 bothers me and this one is more of my style. Dice unpacking I am surprised by the finish and the quality of cousinet, very comfortable for long gaming / music session. Recognized immediately by windows but I regret the lack of a graphic inferface to manage the headset. The sound is stunning against the BassMode sends but is too much for me. The integrate command is simple and allows switch between Gaming and Music mode, however must choose between these two, which defines the color of the LEDs (blue or red). The sound of the microphone is really good! To finish, I would say that the only fault of this helmet is the lack of a graphical interface allowing more manipulation (led deactivation, more sober EQ) The rest being for me, for the proposed price, really excelent! Thank you to the seller and EDIFIER