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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for edit photos
1. Extremely poor packaging - camera came in plastic bag with only a thin layer of plastic foil around. Internal cardboard box was completely squeezed/smashed on transport, but sturdy camera suprisingly survived this procedure. 2. Camera housing was extremely dirty outside and lens was not protected in parking position - poor handling. I can not recommend this seller to anybody.
I just received the camera, 3 days before the deadline due. Unfortunately I payed customs and the total price was almost the same in Greece (total sum 81€). As far as the product, the packed was cracked and opened but the camera seemed to be fine. I am going to do an unboxing so stay tuned!
I'm Very satisfied of the value chain of the order treatement. The only point I'm not satisfied about is the delay that are very long to reciev the order. I plan to make next orders with higher quantities and would like to know how to get them delevired within 1 week.
This camera is working bad. After 3 days appeared some defects. Low quality picture. After additional 2-3 days problems whis wi fi. disconnecting and reconnecting each 4-5 minutes, not stable. the camera position near the router. I don't have problems with another hardware at home. Some times camera shutting down. On attached pictures we can compare 2 cameras in one room. my old good camera with nice picture working 1 year, and my new camera inop, received before month. The seller required me to pay for shiping. After Aliepress help and seller recieved to me half price. Bad buyer protection. Don't buy from this buyer.
S56K came early with the rechargeable pen a lot faster than expected. Definitely a more decent tablet, you pay for what you get. The driver is pretty bad, lacks and “import” or “export” option if you want to change the area (I do since I mainly use for osu!) The driver hadn’t been updated since 2016 so odds are it won’t be improving. Other than that the tablet does its job.