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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for english google
I am very happy with the product, but very dissatisfied with the seller (more on that later). I have been using it for more than a week now and there haven't been any issues with it at all. The battery life is excellent. AccuBattery reports that its real capacity is 98–100% which means that it has a new battery and which is great! About the seller now. I live in Greece, and the item has been held by the customs. They required the purchase invoice in order to calculate the tax. I have been trying to communicate with the seller unsuccessfully for more than 2 weeks, both directly and via AliExpress customer support. They simply didn't respond to any of my messages. When they did for the first time, after about a week, they simply did not understand my request for the invoice and told me that it is my problem that Greece requires me to pay the tax. So, if you live in a country where import taxes are a thing, stay away from this seller to avoid the frustration.
The phone is good, it was not packed well, slow shipping. If you write from 5-8 working days it means a maximum 8 days! I received for 11. In general i am happy until now. Thank you.
I asked for original firmware, seller did it. The phone came unboxed and untouched, all works after 10 days of using. Model c106 3/32 looks slightly different than in description: no black borders around the screen.
Seller first shipped the phone without case and glass, but after I reminded about it, seller shipped it immediately. Phone, case and glass, all of good quality. Honest seller, I recommend.
Great seller. I live in the netherlands and i received my Google Pixel the 7th day after ordering. It did not come with original charger and earpods but that was told in the descripton.