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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for esp8266 v3
As expected from one of my favorite stores. I tested all of these and they all performed as advertised. I loaded an Arduino sketch on each that creates a web server available over the WiFi providing a web page with a button to turn on and off the LED. All tested good. Each came individually packaged in an anti-static sealed bag and a foam block to protect the already attached pin headers. 17 days from order to arrival on the east coast of the USA. Highly recommend this seller.
Parcel was originally rejected before holiday period and i hadn't tracked it; and unfortunately the dispute period had timed out. However RobotDyn to their credit; resent the parcel after holidays via Fedex. Thanks guys.
The baud rate setting of 9600 printed on the PC board is wrong. The baud rate is 115200. The blink program on the Arduino IDE for the ESP8266 doesn't work with this board. To get it to work you need to set the output to pin 2. All 5 boards worked and seem to be reasonable quality. One of the usb sockets was bent and had to be straitened before the plug would go in.