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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for eye fish
Well worth the money. There was a small dent in the tripod both nothing major. It took 22 days to arrive. There is no major convex when it comes to the fisheye but the zoom and macro lens were amazingly satisfactory. Communicative seller. Will definitely order again.
The outer metal ring should be locked, now it spins while tightening the lens. That's a problem with the design. Zipper pouch needs some filling, otherwise the lenses fly around inside the pouch. Those are the bad things, otherwise it works like promised.
It is a nice set, but the filter doesn't work with the lenses. It only works stand alone with the phone. Thus, it isn't much use. One would want to use the filter with the telephoto or the wide angle, but cannot! So cancel one star for one useless lens. I have a Huawei Honor 6 and everything fits it.
The lenses are good quality for the price. Screwing them in is a bit tough because you have to make sure you do it completely straight or it doesn't work right. All lenses fit in the carrying case nice and secure and there is a small pouch where you can put things like SD cards or the like. Attaches well after I took the case off my phone, but does not work with a case on.