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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fiber in orange
Very Beautiful, a Wig made with perfection! Perfect length and everything! Thank you!! the only thing is the lace part inside is just a little small but other then that Perfect! I got a big head I can't help it haha
beautiful curls. so happy it came with a little cap to hide your own hair. a little more orange than I expected. Perfect to dress up like Merida from Brave. I will also wair it for a Goddess party and for a pirate party I have coming up.
I’ve purchased many wigs before, some a lot more expensive than this one; however, this is probably one of the best wigs I’ve bought online. Thick but really soft and smooth. Great color too!
For a 7 euro wig is this amazing. The size is good, the color is the same as the picture and i didn't even talked about the shipping! It was shipped the same day when i ordered it (the 20th) and i got it today.
The shipping was super-fast (1½ weeks), and the wig arrived untagled and well packed. The wig itself is nice for its price. The colour is pretty much like in the pictures - a dark red colour - but is a tiny bit too dark to be 100% natural-looking. The fibre quality, however, is rather good and thick, and the wig doesn't tangle easily, but the fibre looks unnaturally shiny when the wig is worn. The wig also sheds a lot at first, which evens out after a couple of thorough brushes. The amount of hair in the wig looks natural right now, but the wig feels rather thin to the touch and some of the plasticky bumps of the hair ribbon can be seen through the hair if looked very closely, so the thinness of the wig might cause problems very soon in the future. Overall, the wig is good value for the price of about $16, but I wouldn't pay much more for it.