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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for firmwar
Great product and helpful seller. DVD was broken, but seller helped with link. A little tricky to install sometimes, but really no problems. Have coded keys, lights, seat belt warning and AUX on my Berlingo with it.
This is my second order, and everything's fine again! Firmware version was 2.10 Global right out of the box. Unlike the previous order, there was a film instead of glass, but it's even better. Thank you!
Shipment was lighting fast . Seller entertained my request. I requested as follows and seller did what was expected. Brilliant Service "please send as soon as possible as this will be a gift i have to take with me on travel for some one. I am expecting this to arrive before 28th of next month (july 2018)." The item arrived within a week from china .
I just received the product so I will test it in the next few days to see if all works well, but it seems all good to me so far, packaged well presented, with 3 phone cases! And I received my delivery in 5 days! However careful I had to pay extra cost for customs clearance from China to Canada.
The goods good to all I advise and as the seller fine. Has put you 5 stars the goods excellent. I wait and from you for 5 stars and a good response dear)))