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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for flash and n
perfect, it came with all the accessories, it is an original, best quality flash, very smooth on the touch and all the functions work well. it works perfectly, and the seller is the best, it arrived tot my country in 5 days and then it got stuck at the post office for 1 month, and he helped me recover it! I definitely recommend, if you are looking for a great flash, this is the one for you
Very fast shipping!! The product is just as described. Excellent customer service and communication with the seller!! Recommended!! I've just tried the fresnel head and it works just fine!! I would say its about x2.5 a single speedlight. Have not tried the bare bulb in a real photo shoot but I know it works. The transmitter works just fine and is really easy to use. I'm a canon shooter. The highs speed (HSS) sync does the job, jut keep in mind that it will reduce the apparent power output due to the sync with the shutter curtain in your camera. The flash is fine for outdoor shooting but don't expect to overpower the sun with one AD200 alone, I would recommend two with an AD-B2 adapter or an AD600. All in all I'm very satisfied with the product :)