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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for flash li
Ordered on 13th april with the cheapest delivery option(not the free one) got the delivery on 24tg april. really satisfied by the delivery speed. Also the packing is satisfying and the good came in good condition. Thanks Seller.
HMM , overall good build , but they are fully closed , no air circulation , they are for winter running , not for summer . and hill is to tight , ,. order half size bigger then your nikes
@13,8V: Filament bulb: 0,44A/1,82A My 1157 LED without canceller: 0,05A/0,54A My 1157 LED with canceller: 0,97A/1,20A It removed the error/hyper flash. However does not fit easily on a Peugeot RCZ. It needs some modding.
Came all nicely wrapped and I never had to worry about receiving it, they gave me notifications the whole way through. Very happy with this purchase and will most likely order again from them in the future.