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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fone bluetooth
thank you I received my merchandise took a little while but I received it thank you giving you 5 out of 5 and I'll do more shopping in the future thank you and God bless
i have received the item it's an excellent -- thanks for u but could u tell me about the separate piece like a microphone -- what is its function is it a microphone or any thing else ,, how can i use it ??
Very nice pods. High quality and really happy with purchase. My girlfriend has the Apple AirPods and these are actually very comparable. Hands down a better value. They have the magnetic lid feature which is sweet and the case/battery is only slightly (like millimeters) bigger. Really impressed, have recommended to other people and plan on buying some as gifts in the future. Thanks! Adam
Sometimes sound disappears in a left headphone during listening to music and the right earphone only works during calls, but overall quality is good. Seller provides good communication and is interested in feedback. I would recommend this product and seller to my friends
Awesome product for the money. There was no way I was spending £150 on Apples own AirPods, so took a gamble on these, impressed is an understatement. Sound quality is great, quality of the headphones and charge case is high. Highly recommend!