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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for for peugeot 307
I'm really happy with product. I probed if my screen was enough, but no, I need bluetooth red screen to make this property available but seller explained it in description before. The package was little deformed, I supose for a shock but the product works perfectly. The installation was plug & play, and you keep the wheel controls.
It's exactly what it says in the description. The radio supports USB, AUX and Bluetooth. Installation is quite easy and is indeed plug and play. Note of warning - if you a have factory installed JBL sound system, then you will definitely have to reconfigure the radio, either yourself (if you have the necessary equipment) or via a dealership/specialist, so that it would use the JBL amplifier and not the radio amplifier, which muddies the sound and also makes it extra loud. :) Quality of the product is top-notch!
Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order. The radio looks and feels like a quality product, and was correctly coded for my vehicle. An absolute value-for-money product!