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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fountain jinhao pen
They were very inexpensive. Longer than the ones that are sold in Turkey. I have bought the color blue. It is a little bit dark. I am using it for my Scrikss pen. It works fine.
I tried out the same model in a different color. As per reviews on fountainpennetwork, these do not dry out for quite a long time (I have tested up to 5 days; FPN reviews said 30), so you can leave ink in them for quite a long time. The nib is marked F (I got a non-hooded nib), but it is not Asian fine. I have limited experience with non-Japanese pens, but this is at least a medium by Asian standards.
I haven't tested it, but the color is nice and bright, the pen seems to be sturdily constructed, and all the other pens in the batch I've bought (that I've tested) are good writers. I recommend this store for all things Jinhao.
I bought this as a cheaper replacement for my Lamy. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit. But some pressing and adjusting made it work. Sort off. For the price, I not gonna complain and continue to use it until I need new ink replacement. Color is ok. Not as noir/black as I hope, maybe some residue blue in the nib.
Hi have ordered this fountain pen on March 20th and received it in the Netherlands on the 29th, which I find rather quick, considering that it was coming from China. The packaging was perfect, hence the pen has arrived in a perfect condition. It looks as good as on the photos. I have not yet had time to write a lot with it, but so far, I find the nib is quite good.