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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fuji x
product description was fine, fast shipping - so the seller did his best. thanks for that! the adapter itself has its restrictions. the flange inside is useful for some lenses with aperture pins. not so useful is the fact, that this flange is silver (see photo below), also on the backside. so light could be reflected between back lens and sensor and potentially cause flares or so. but maybe my expectations are too high.
Fast delivery! Good product, fits perfectly on my X100F. Enough space between the arm and the ISO-dial and no big interference with the backdial. At least if your thumb is not too big. Maybe I will grind away some material at the lowerback of the curved part in order to give more space for my thumb to use the backdial easyer. All in all recommendable!
Sometimes the adapter is not locking into the body and then you can keep it rotating. While turning the adapter I have to pull it a little and then in clicks. I don't have that with other adapters. Not an accurate product. I will order a K+F.
VERY decent and very responsive seller! Much better than in Europe or the USA :-) I am very satisfied. Very fast delivery (only 2-3 days to Europe). Technically competent seller. He gives good recommendations for choosing the equipment ..