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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gameboy
Arrived in a week. Packed in card board box which got some bump during shipped, no extra protection inside the box. Product come with retail box look classy and nice graphic on the back but my box sticker seal at the bottom of the box is cut before hand (Seller's test it before sent?). In the box have case itself and manual in both English and Chinese, no battery included. Phone case finishing is nice to touch and look high quality. The button are nice feeling. Not test if it work or not I'll leave additional feedback after test it.
Delivery to the Netherlands took almost two months. But this wasn't the senders fault. It took almost one and a half month from local airport to my address. Contact with the seller regarding this went ok.
I received my item relatively quick. For what you pay, you get more then your money's worth. I would recommend this product even if you're only interested in 1 or 2 titles of the 21.
Had contacted the seller to confirm combined shipping for 5 carts, which saved me a few bucks. The seller responded quickly. And the delivery was unbelievably fast, I had ordered the game cartridges on May 21st, and it reached me on 31st. This is the fastest delivery I have seen from an AliExpress seller. I bought the bootlegs as an alternative for my Ez Flash Omega flash cart, which has serious battery drain issues. These game carts use less power and I tested the 5 games on my GBA, GBA SP and DS Lite. They all load quickly, and the games save just fine.
Great Shell. You get the buttons with it (no silicon pads), a screen lens, new screws and a free GBA sticker for the re-shell/mod. No complaints about the quality of the product and the shipping speed. Note: The batteries and the backlit display are not included in this shell. I just uploaded the pictures to show what the shell looks like after it has been fitted.