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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for games vr
It suited the description, delivery was fast. Everything worked as planned, the connection was super easy and fast. Batteries included. Putting the phone in for the first time with the cushions is a little tricky, but after you figure it out, it works wonders.
Bluetooth reach is very short. Wanted to use it with my laptop or Raspberry Pi connected to my tv, less than a meter away from the seat. The signal drops after getting about 30cm away from the laptop, and intermittently drops and reconnects with the Pi under 1 meter away. Otherwise, it's built ok (apart from bad feeling triggers) , but useless to me really.
7 days from placed order to deliver (very satisfied), but poor packing without box as shown in photographs. However there was some foam sheet protection at the top. The controller works fine for me but kinda hard to setup. Overall is satisfied.
Controller is high quality, fits nicely in hand, has no plastic smell, responds well, and the wifi dongle needs no setup (on win10) just plug and play. Product arived in 15days. 10/10
The built quality of the product is very good. However, when using with my iphone 7plus, when watching through the VR glass, the picture was not so clear as the whole frame. This is because it cannot be adjusted to fit to individual eyes.I feel a bit headache when using it. Compared to the last VR I had, I don’t have this problem.