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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for garrett
The actuator received, installed and checked. Any differences in the car did not notice, it works like with the original device. To conduct a more detailed technical test there is no possibility, but I am pleased with the purchase. Time will show how good the product is. Sending took the seller 5 days, it's a little longer than I expected. But, in this case, it's better to get a quality product by spending a few extra days. Slightly summed up the delivery service, for which I paid - SPSR. The order went 17 days instead of the indicated 7-15. Nevertheless, it was convenient that the delivery was carried out by the courier to the door. Perhaps there is no point in overpaying for speed, and you can take advantage of a more stable ePacket. The seller was attentive, promptly answered questions and carefully treated the conformity of the part for my car. In general, I recommend this seller and this product.