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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gemstone zirconia
Brilliant Oval cut 60x Loupe Clean Pink Gemstone, 31.10ct. Radiation test result rises to level of heated or non-radiating natural and/or simulated diamonds. Thermal conductivity test result modest. Color under ultraviolet light yellow. CZ is yellow, orange or inert according to West scientific sources, Topaz yellow or Pink Topaz whitish green, too and Pink Sapphire red. Natural diamonds are green, yellow, blue or purple according to tester list, Topaz yellow and Pink Sapphire red. Australian result: pinkish orange diamond strong yellow under ultraviolet light. West value of Pink Topaz is 1000-2700USD/1ct. European price level for natural Eye-Clean Intense pink diamond, 5ct is 8millions 10000USD. Australian value for Pink Diamond is 8100-638700USD/1ct. European price level for simulated pink diamond is 67000-87000EUR/1ct.