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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gimbal xiaomi yi
Very good adapter for the DJI Mobile gimbal. It works far better with the Gopro than some competitors I have tried. and I am happy with the shipping and service overall. The only catch of course is that the Gopro has to be reverse to get non-selfie shots. This is not a fault of the adapter however, but of the gimbal. The Gopro catches all of the gimbal arms when used correctly, so you have to flip it to get it to work.
Great product and great services from seller. Gimbal arrived to Slovakia after 2 days from China, customs control takes another 2 days. Little disadvantage is that DHL is charging a 24€ fee because of processing order clearance, and then also I have to pay taxes. Gimbal with all taxes and fees still costs litlle bit less as in local e-shops, but only if you buy it in discount period. Thanks !
This gimbal is awesoooome! Totally worth the price! Unfortunately the hungarian customs caught it so I had to pay the duty, but well there is that... I recommend this product and the seller.
The gymbal is amazing, thanks. Good communication with the seller, I could recommend this seller if they improve the shipment, sorry to slow for Spain. If you don't care about shipping I absolutely recommend you this store.