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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for google.chromecast
The product comes with a multilingual user manual. It connected very easily to my Android device. For firmware update you can connect it to your network but it's not necessary as long as your device can display on the big screen or beamer. Having this device in your company's or home network migth become an iot security issue.
It fulfills its function. The possibility of working by dlna or mirrorcast but it does not connect through the cast in applications (which does not support games, YouTube etc.) it has its limitations.
i use this for projecting my iphone to a big screen. I could not find any info about projecting apple music and gladly it is working good! the sound is clear and the screen is projected well.
Good product ! Tested (Android & Win10 - 1080p + Audio 2.0) and working well. Works in Wi-Fi Direct ! (Not by your standard Wi-Fi). (v.15.16.07 - SetUp: 802.11n - 2.4GHz - Channel: 11. • Use: First "connect" the Wi-Fi dongle with your device ! [SSID: Yehua-B6D644 - PW: 12345678]. View the photo. For Windows 10 (Pro 1709): Windows Settings > Devices (Printer...) > Ap. Blutooth & others > Screen or station (Miracast) > [Yehua...]. For Android 7.1.1 (Sony Z5): Settings > Device Connection > Screen Duplication (Mirror) > [Yehua...]. As the description and photos. Manual in English. Everything is OK :-) Comes with retail box. Fast shipping. (From order to delivery: 12 days ! to Switzerland)
Item works!! Very happy with purchase! On a side note, the screen does occasionally freeze but just for a split second - might be due to wifi connection etc. Aside from that, highly recommended! It works for Netflix and other apps that plays videos, just as described