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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for h1 oslamp
I received the goods and immediately installed. The installation process was not difficult. As you can see in the picture, the performance is excellent. It was yellow before installation, but I was very satisfied with the beautiful white color. The problem is vibration and noise. When I touch front part of the headlight, it is trembling. Vibration disapear when the headlights are turned off. When I turn on the headlights again, I can feel the vibration. It is a little displeasure. When I turn on the headlight, I feel the vibration inside of car. Because fans are working, I can feel the noise and vibration. At night, noise and vibration are bigger. Even if the price goes up a little bit, you need to use a fan with low noise and vibration.
The product came as advertised. I installed in a Nissan Kicks and it worked just fine. The connector is a bit loose and it needs a good push to lock it up tight. But it worked just fine. I liked the rubber (or silicone, not sure) o-ring to seal the lamp against dust and water. It looks of good quality. The light is bright and white. The light beam spreads a bit when compared to the original halogen light bulb. I will check soon in a real life condition how it does at night.