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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hd mi
Recieved the package in 2 weeks ! quick delivery ! .. Thank you seller for giving the product as described and marking the item as 21$ to get the item related from customs quickly. thank you AliExpress for trusted assurance ! A happy customer :) oh and about the product it's buttersmooth in playing 4kvideos, streams YouTube and Netflix @4k .. haven't updated to Oreo as there are issues ongoing will update as soon as bugs are fixed for now happy with mi box 3.
seller shipped the phone within reasonable time. delivery to EU is tax free, so i'm happy with that. however, one thing was not ok! i recived my phone and box wasn't sealed, it was already opened. the seller never told me that they will open the box, and if i knew that i certanly wouldn't buy the phone. seller said it was because of quality check, but that is lame reason. they couldn't check anything seriosly except that phone isn't damaged. but they could flash some bad firmware and there you have problems. thankfully this wasn't the case, but still it's a bad feeling. especially if the phone is supposed to be present for somenone else. again, the phone was ok. firmware is official, and there was no damage. still, the feeling is very bad when you receive opened box. is that bothers you, i suggest you ask for sealed box in advance. goldway is good seller and i can't leave bad feedback, but this doesn't deserve 5 star.
Awesome earphones. I am really surprised how detailed the music sounds, especially mids and highs. Even the bass is clear, detailed and powerfull. The earphones fit my ears very well and comfortable - I use the large buds. A not important detail: the additional buds are black, but the original buds have a lucent material. The price is more than warrantable. It's a good deal. I hope the earphones will last a long time ....
I did not find the original code that was used to check if the headset were original in the older version, everything seems fine so I didn't worry. Good sound maybe missing some bass but nice sound overall.
Very good purchase. Packaging: Superb. Four sizes of ear tips in a beautiful case. It also includes a soft little bag for carrying. It looks like a more expensive item. Look: Very good. Beautiful metal finish. They are very solid. The volume/mic piece looks and works OK. Gold plated jack contact. The cable is OK but it is not tangle free. It could be better. Sound: Great. The mids and highs are very clear and crispy. Maybe a little "metallic" but very good after all. The bass is clearly lower than mids and highs. I had to use an equalizer to pump up the bass to my taste but the final result is very very good. Value: It is hard to believe this level of finish and good sound for so little money. They look and they sound way better than other earphones that cost more than 50 € Summary: Go buy them!
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